Today is the launch of the “More Alternative Truths” anthology!

From the foreword by David Gerrold, all the way to Jane Yolen’s cutting poem “Trickster Times,” this is an anthology of funny and heart-wrenching tales of what MAY happen if “alternative truths” become actual ones.

Delve into Mike Resnick’s “The Politicians” for an inside look on nation-building, or Esther Friesner’s “The Diplomatic Thing” for a hilarious insight into what a zombie loose in the White House might portend.

From David Brin to Stonekettle Station’s Jim Wright to the brilliant Lou Antonelli, this remarkable journey will pull you first in one direction, and then another.

If you’re worried about how things might turn out in the next few years if we keep going down the “alternative truth” pathway, then this anthology is a MUST READ for you!

Here’s a link if you’re ready to grab a copy for yourself:

Click here for your very own Amazon copy!