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My highest goal is to write stories that entertain, that cause my readers to think about stuff in a slightly different way, and to move your emotions.  I may not always write upbeat, optimistic things, but please know that I cherish my readership and humbly thank you for believing in me.

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Lou J Berger

featured story

The Walking Man

A sci-fi western set in gold-mining Dry Gulch, Utah, the town saloon contemplates the presence of a robotic companion.

2019 Finalist for Writers of the Future, The Walking Man is one of Lou J Berger’s best works to date and has also appeared in Galaxy’s Edge magazine, where this story opened the issue!

The Walking Man by Lou J Berger

We shape the path we walk by whom we surround ourselves with, and by culling the anchors that drag us down into despair, self-loathing, and hatred, we enable balloons to gather closer to us.
Surround yourself with balloon people, they who smile for no reason, who delight in joy and laughter, and who fill your days with insights and positive affirmations.

Eschew anchors.


Testimonials & Featured Clients

"Stepping back from all that I hoped to find in the series, “Nikki Dark and the Black Rust” from Lou J. Berger has drug smuggling and a Space Patrol out to crush it. The drug in question is the nasty Black Rust which makes its addicts worthless for doing the jobs the space colonies need doing. Nikki Dark is a smuggler caught up in the trade out of desperation, and the Space Patrol confronts her with her fugitive past. Not what I expected, but it kept me reading, and I liked it."

MarzAat, June 6, 2015

“Nikki Dark and the Black Rust,” Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, November, 2014 

"The second original piece of this issue and the author's first published story. We're treading in urban fantasy here, with a trader that buys a magic potion that gains him time, making his life easier in every regard. I rather enjoyed this story, with its fluid style and interesting premise. Too bad the main character is a bit cliché (he's a trader, so he's obviously evil). Still, a very respectable first effort, and the best original story of the magazine."

Xa4, March 2013

“Just A Second”, Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Issue #1, March, 2013

"Matial must sacrifice a young virgin on the Day of Planting so that the sun will rise tomorrow. He makes the mistake of talking to her first. Nicely done little one-pager."

Sam Tomaino, July 2014

“Matial”, Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Issue #9, July, 2014

"Lou J. Berger's tale of potions sold in a dark bead-curtained shop, could've come from UNKNOWN."

W. B. Glass, March 2013

“Just A Second,” Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Issue #1, March, 2013

"One day, on his way to a meeting, Frederick Thomas steps into a small store with a sign in the window that says Buy a Second. Time for sale, $100 a vial. The results are more than satisfactory. His drive to work was shorter because he kept getting lucky at traffic lights and at stop signs. His trades executed faster and he spent less time filling orders and more time talking to happy customers. As a result his sales increased, creating a nice spike in his commissions. A very nice spike. He goes back for a second dose, and another, even when the proprietor expresses misgivings."

Lois Tilton, March 2013

“Just A Second,” Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Issue #1, March, 2013

"Just a Second" by Lou J. Berger is the first story that really held my attention, even though it's predictable. A man asks for a potion, achieves success, but is never satisfied. In the end, he gets his comeuppance. The compelling prose and the colorful characterization pulled me in and didn't let go. I loved hating this guy!

Ann Wilkes, “Science Fiction and Other ODDities”

“Just A Second,” Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Issue #1, March, 2013

Lou J. Berger's "The Tour Guide," has two time travellers who want to see the site where Christ was taken to be crucified and get the attention of a certain tour guide who seems to know more than he should. This is the sort of story that keeps the reader guessing until right at the end.

Sandra Scholes, SF Site

“The Tour Guide,” Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Issue #7, March, 2014

"Lou [J] Berger contributes "Full Skies, No Water," set on a terraformed world where rainfall is scarce and "projector[s]" ensure the water reaches the ground. But the [colony] has fallen behind on its payments and the narrator is there to dismantle the device[s]. He meets with a little girl. The story tugs on the emotions and works on that level, though I think it may just be a bit rosy-eyed. The resolution is no more than a postponement."

Chuck Rothman, Tangent Online, January 2016

“Full Skies, No Water”, Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Issue #18, January, 2016

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Today is the launch of the "More Alternative Truths" anthology! From the foreword by David Gerrold, all the way to Jane Yolen's cutting poem "Trickster Times," this is an anthology of funny and heart-wrenching tales of what MAY happen if "alternative truths" become...

Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest

I want to chat about the Writers and Illustrators of the Future contest. For many beginning writers (and illustrators, but I'm going to only talk about the writing side), the WoTF contest is a nice way to hurl your creations up against the wall of professional editing...

More Alternative Truths (and my latest published story!)

Bob Brown, editor emeritus, asked me to contribute a story to his second anthology dealing with Alternative Truths, entitled "More Alternative Truths." It gave me an idea to finally go ahead and write a story that's been bouncing around in my brainpan for the last...

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