TRIALS, a Rogue Mage Anthology

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If you’re reading this, you probably are aware that my latest story, “Epena’s Epiphany” is part of Faith Hunter’s TRIALS anthology. I’m not a fantasy guy, not really. If you’ve read my other works, however, you may have come across … Continued

Authorial Foreshadowing

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Writers are, in the course of their tutelage, exhorted to show their story, not tell it. As you read this, however, you are about to learn why it’s sometimes appropriate to break this rule. See what I did there? I … Continued

Implausible story

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As other writers have mentioned to me, sometimes life manifests situations so improbable that, if you were to write them into a story, no reader would accept them as plausible. And yet… I walked through the dealer room at Reno’s … Continued

The Long path to SFWA

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As mentioned earlier, I began my writing career back just shy of my 40th birthday, and one of the earliest things I did was reach out to one of my heroes, Gardner Dozois. If you don’t know Gardner, he’s won … Continued

Oscar Night!

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Watched the Oscars tonight in the company of friends and friends of friends, down in Castle Rock, a municipality just south of Denver proper. Great food, great company. Wrapped up Animeland Wasabi ( with my local Denver coterie of writers. … Continued

In the Beginning…

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Hi there! Welcome to my website! I’m Lou J. Berger, Colorado-based writer and avid reader.  I started reading when I was four and I can dimly recall the first book I struggled with being “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery … Continued